How much will I get paid?

AUSTRALIA: At Domino’s, we’re proud to pay wages that are amongst the highest in the industry, including penalty rates, as per the Fast Food Industry Modern Award. Click Here to view the Fast Food Industry Award pay guide.

NEW ZEALAND: Pay rates will vary between stores. Please speak to your interviewer.

What is the minimum shift length?

AUSTRALIA: Regardless of whether your are an In-Store worker or a Delivery Expert, the minimum shift length is 3 hours.

NEW ZEALAND: Regardless of whether your are an In-Store worker or a Delivery Expert, the minimum shift length is 2 hours.

Do I need to have a drivers licence?

  • Delivery Experts driving a Car or Scooter must hold a current and valid licence that is legally allowed by the relevant Road Transport Authority in their State.

  • E-Bike riders must be aged at least 16 years old and have a valid Learner’s Permit or Driver’s Licence. Note: for the purpose of riding an E-Bike, the Learner’s Permit or Licence can be for either car or motorcycle.

Do I need my own car to be a Domino’s Delivery Expert?

Not necessarily, scooters are available for those with the appropriate motorcycle licence. We also have a fleet of Domino's cars, but there is no guarantee these will be available. 

Some stores also have electric bikes. Persons who will be riding these bikes will be required to hold at least a Learners licence, attend a training course and undergo assessment.

Why do all deliveries have to be GPS tracked?

The GPS tracking system monitors all deliveries for the purposes of streamlining the delivery process, improving safety and providing the customer with a real-time view of their delivery driver travelling towards their house.

It is a requirement of employment with Domino's Pizza as a Delivery Expert that you agree to have your vehicle tracked whilst undertaking deliveries. This will require your vehicle to have a working cigarette lighter / similar power source socket.

What if I receive a speeding or parking fine?

The only speeding we do is in the store. We require our team to always follow the road rules. If you do receive an infringement notice, you will be responsible for paying any related fines.

Is there anyone I can talk to if I'm unhappy with anything?

Yes. All Domino's Franchise Consultants and Domino’s Corporate Regional Leaders are happy to help with any problems that may arise at work.

You can also contact the Domino’s Head Office: Australia: 07 3633 3333, New Zealand: 09 632 1080.

Where could this job lead?

As far as you want to go! Most Domino's franchisees started as a Delivery Expert or an In-Store. Now they are overseeing their own million-dollar businesses. Even our Group CEO started as a Delivery Expert.

What if I want to change from a Delivery Expert to an In-Store?

There is a great deal of crossover between Delivery Expert and In-Store roles. However, you can also speak to your Manager about what In-Store openings are available.

How would I go about becoming a Domino’s Manager?

If you are dedicated and ambitious in your work, you can approach a Domino's Manager to discuss future opportunities. We also offer specific manager-level training courses to help you achieve this goal.

Do you have a policy on substance abuse?

Absolutely. Domino's has a zero tolerance approach to substance use, including alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Anyone found abusing this policy will be instantly dismissed.

Can I get staff discounts?

Discounts differ between franchise owners, please check with the manager of your store to see what their policy is.